The Human Document Project gives you the chance to design your own human document. What do you think is most important about humanity to preserve? Would you choose for knowledge, culture, or other aspects? And how would you store this? (text, code, images etc.)

Download the template and upload your own design before the 2nd of November (closed). The design will be manufactured by means of powder blasting technology in a real glass wafer, which you will receive during the workshop. A small fee of €10 will be charged to cover part of the fabrication costs. The submissions will be judged by a carefully selected jury and the winner will receive a trip for two persons to CERN! Be quickly, as the amount of submissions is limited to 40.

The winner will be announced on the last day of the workshop, so be sure to be present.

Example wafer

Design requirements

  • This contest is only meant for students.
  • Download the template marking the edges of the wafer (10cm circle). Keep your design within the dotted border.
  • Make a monochromatic (black-white) design. After fabrication, white areas will be transparant and black areas opaque.
  • Avoid small details. Resolution down to 0.2 mm (corresponding to letter type Arial 10) is possible, but for best results try to avoid these small dimensions.
  • Any editing software will do, but we recommend vector-based design (try LibreOffice or Inkscape)
  • Export to pdf or png, taking into account a sufficiently high resolution (>500dpi). Also make sure the design has a diameter of 10cm.
  • Personalize the wafer by including your name into the design.


Upload your design

  • Register on this website.
  • Log in and upload your design (only pdf or png is allowed, max 2MB).
  • Make sure the upload-panel gives you a verification message!
  • Payment is done via this website.
  • Receive your fabricated design on the symposium!


Download PDF template*
Download ODF template*
Download PNG template*
* (Right click -> save link as...)

For questions, problems or remarks, contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..