Design requirements

  • This contest is only meant for students.
  • Download the template marking the edges of the wafer (10cm circle). Keep your design within the dotted border.
  • Make a monochromatic (black-white) design. After fabrication, white areas will be transparant and black areas opaque.
  • Avoid small details. Resolution down to 0.2 mm (corresponding to letter type Arial 10) is possible, but for best results try to avoid these small dimensions.
  • Any editing software will do, but we recommend vector-based design (try LibreOffice or Inkscape)
  • Export to pdf or png, taking into account a sufficiently high resolution (>500dpi). Also make sure the design has a diameter of 10cm.
  • Personalize the wafer by including your name into the design.


Upload your design

  • Register on this website.
  • Log in and upload your design (only pdf or png is allowed, max 2MB).
  • Make sure the upload-panel gives you a verification message!
  • Payment is done via this website.
  • Receive your fabricated design on the symposium!


Download PDF template*
Download ODF template*
Download PNG template*
* (Right click -> save link as...)

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